Questions about the SLO Ride to Hell? Here's some more information for ya.

What are the routes like?

Both routes include 22 miles of gravel. A lot of the climbing and most of the descending is on gravel. The Hell Route (77 miles) adds 25 miles of beautiful backcountry pavement.

When is the event?

May 19th! The Heck and Hell routes both start at 9am. We'll circulate details on when you need to be there to check-in sooner to the date.

Is food included with my registration?

Yes! We will be starting and finishing at the Pozo Saloon. Your entry includes lunch, a beer, and a take-home beer mug.

Why did you choose World Bicycle Relief?

World Bicycle Relief has proven a sustainable model to improve the lives of people around the globe simply by helping them get from point A to B a little faster. That accelerated mode of transport leads to life-changing and community-empowering results such as keeping kids in school, keeping schoolgirls safe, bringing fresh water to your family, running a small business, and bringing malaria treatment to at-risk communities. They have engineered bicycles specifically for the rough terrains of the countries they work in.

What bike can I ride?

We'd recommend a cross, gravel, or mountain bike for this course.

Will there be aid stations?

There will be! More details on those to come, but let's just say we've got some exciting plans in the works 😉

Can I get involved?

Yes you can! We are looking for volunteers. Please reach out to Victoria at